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Stefano Fabris (PhD 2000) has been the Director of CNR-IOM from 2018 to 2023. Previously he was the person in charge of the CNR-IOM theory unit at the International School for Advanced Studies and the head of the CNR theory group at the Elettra synchrotron facility.

His research interests focus on computational materials science and theory of nanostructured materials, addressing in particular novel materials and interfaces for renewable energies. Recent works investigated the fundamental physical processes governing the function of photocatalysts, surface-supported metal nanoparticles and metal-oxide interfaces in a wide range of compositions and environments, ranging from model surfaces at T=0K in vacuum conditions to realistic wet interfaces at finite temperatures.

Since his PhD (2000), he published more than 90 papers in international journals that so far received 24000+ citations, delivered more than 60 invited talks at international conferences and directed/organised 12 scientific conferences and workshops.

Stefano Fabris was awarded the Friedrich W. Bessel research award from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, the Honorary Hans Fischer Fellowship of the Institute for Advanced Studies (Technische Universität München), the President’s International Fellowship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been adjunct professor at the International School for Advanced Studies, University of Trieste and University of Padova.