IOM research focuses on the study and development of advanced materials, nanostructures, biosystems, sensors and devices with control at the micro- and nano-scale. We address the fundamental physical and chemical processes that govern the functionalities of these systems as well as their implementation into emerging technological applications

A unique integrated approach that combines theory and simulation, growth and synthesis, advanced characterization and nanofabrication allows to gain fundamental knowledge in nanoscience and nanotechnologies, to design advanced materials and biosystems, and to conceive their integration into new technologies.

IOM research addresses four Mission Areas that meet the Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness pillars of Horizon Europe as well as the national key areas for research and innovation, with particular reference to Climate, Energy and Mobility; Quantum Technologies; Health and nanomedicine; Digital Industry and Nanoelectronics.



EU - H2020 2021-2025

NEP-Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis - Europe - PILOT

NFFA-EUROPE PILOT (NEP) aims at expanding and consolidating the operation of a Interoperable Distributed Research Infrastructure for Nanoscience supporting research on materials and functional systems at the nanoscale and at the microscale.

AIRC 2021-2026

SPLICING-Targeting splicing abnormalities in cancer: Developing new splicing modulators for tissue-agnostic therapy

AIRC 2021-2024

AIRC Fellowship- "Giovanni Fraviga"

Office of Naval Research - USA 2020-2024

POLAR-Polarization, magnetization and other geometrical properties of electronic ground state