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Technical staff
HPC & ICT Specialist

Since 2002 I have been working as HPC Specialist, System Administrator and Software Developer at CNR-IOM.

I have matured 20 years of experience as system and network administrator, focusing on distributed services and high-performance computing (HPC).

I have always worked in the research field in a diverse and multicultural environment, which I find extremely stimulating, as it constantly offers me the chance to learn more, to work on leading-edge and experimental technologies, to exchange ideas with brilliant minds and to be exposed to new perspectives.

I have been part of several international collaborations, involving ICTP/UNESCO and UNDP, among other institutions and non-profit organizations, for HPC/ICT deployment and technical training projects in developing countries.

In 2018 I covered the position of "ElectroScience" for the 14th winterover (DC14) at Concordia Station, a French-Italian permanent research facility on the Antarctic Plateau, Dome C, Antarctica. Among my duties, I was responsible for maintenance and operation of various experiments and permanent observatories in geophysics (geomagnetism, seismology, space weather and physics of the atmosphere). I spent 13 months, 9 of which in isolation with a multinational crew of 13 members and with no possibility of leaving, in an extreme environment at high altitude, with rough living and working conditions (temperatures down to -80°C, pressure altitude ~4000m).

In 2021-2022 I again spent 13 months on the Antarctic Plateau, holding the position of "Research Cyberinfrastructure Specialist" and taking care of the Icecube Neutrino Observatory for the winterover 2022 at the "Amundsen-Scott" South Pole Station, a US permanent research facility located at the Geographic South Pole (90°S), Antarctica, isolated with a crew of 44 and temperatures down to -70°C with a pressure altitude of ~3300m.