+39 040 3787 317 (Office)

Farnesi Camellone

Research staff

After graduating in Physics at University of Padova in 2002, I moved to Switzerland at ETH where, in 2007, I got a PhD in Physics.

I then moved, as a postdoctoral fellow, first to Trieste at CNR-IOM (2008-2010) and then to Germany at Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (2010-2013).

Next, I joined the CNR-IOM in 2013 as a researcher.

My research deals with computational modelling of materials relevant for catalysis, photocatalysis energy storage and related applications. I employ large scale quantum mechanical calculations to investigate at the atomic level how electronic and structural properties of materials influence their functions in chemical and photochemical processes. In particular I focus on metal-oxide (CeO2, TiO2, Co3O4), metal-oxide/liquid interface by employing computational techniques such as Density Functional Theory, ab initio molecular dynamics, metadynamics.