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Research affiliated member

After the Laurea at the Univ. of Cagliari, he had the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious European institutions such as SISSA (Italy), CEA-Saclay and ENS-Lyon (France), Max-Planck-Institute (Germany), and ETH (Switzerland).

He obtained the PhD in Biophysics as Marie Curie Fellow with a thesis on the electron transfer in a bacterial photosynthetic reaction center; for the post-doc he had the great opportunity of working on numerical algorithm to accelerate simulations with Prof. Parrinello, leader in the development of algorithms for molecular simulations.

Since his arrival at the University of Cagliari (Italy) as assistant professor and then as associate professor, he has started working in close collaboration with local and external experimental groups.

One of the main topics was about crucial processes involving proteins and other biomolecules in the fields of biology and medicine. In particular with the support of EU and IMI projects, he has worked since 2002 on the problem of antibiotics transport in Gram negative bacteria, becoming one of the leading expert in the field, certified by many collaborations at international level (3 running projects as consultant with Germany, Finland and Slovenia). He combines molecular simulations, spectroscopic techniques (NMR and X-ray), and single-molecule single-channel electrophysiology to investigate the structure function-relations of channels and pores. More in general the main focus is on structural and dynamics characterization of ion channels and pores, small-molecules and ions transport phenomena in nanopores and confined environments.