+39 040 3758462 (Office)


IOM Headquarters
Research affiliated member
Head of the MagneDyn beamline at FERMI

I am familiar with techniques across the different fields ranging from conventional and time-resolved soft x-ray absorption (XAS), Resonant X-ray inelastic spectroscopy (RIXS), X-ray photoemission. I have also a deep knowledge of XAS spectra modeling and analysis of a variety of solid-state systems by means of state-of-the-art ab-initio theories and calculation codes.

I am in charge of the FEL beamline for magnetodynamical experiments MagneDyn.

I am also an experienced heavy user of synchrotron radiation sources and proposer or co-proposer of numerous experiments at major synchrotron radiation facilities, in particular (Elettra (Italy), ESRF (France), Diamond (UK), Soleil (France), ALS (USA)).