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Giancarlo Panaccione is the Director of CNR-IOM since 2023.

He received in 1995 his PhD in Material Science at the University Paris-VI (France). He moved from France to Italy on 1998, hired by Istituto Nazionale Fisica per la Materia (INFM). His research activity is mostly devoted to the exploitation of electron spectroscopies, following three main axes: electronic and magnetic properties of low dimensional systems, emergent functionalities in quantum materials, and complex TMO oxides and their heterostructures.

> 200 publications in leading international peer-reviewed journals.
h-index 38, h10-index 118 (from Google scholar).

Expertise and primary techniques:
• Photoemission Spectroscopy
(ARPES, spin resolved-ARPES, XPS, Hard x-ray Photoemission HAXPES)
• Mott scattering experiments for the analysis of the spin polarization of electrons,
• Time-resolved Spectroscopies with laser and with Synchrotron Radiation
• X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, XMCD (X-rays Magnetic Circular Dichroism)