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I'm a technical designer from 1990 and in CNR IOM from 2001.


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ALOISA is a laboratory for the study of surfaces and interfaces and includes 3 Synchrotron end-stations (alternative use) and one STM (offline).

APE High-Energy

The APE High-Energy is a beamline at Elettra Synchrotron focused on the electronic and magnetic properties of surfaces and nanostructures.

APE Low-Energy

APE-LE is a beamline within Elettra dedicated to high resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) with Spin-resolution (Spin-ARPES), and thus employed in the investigation of electronic and spin properties of highly correlated electronic systems.


The beamline offers high-intensity EUV-soft x-rays in a wide energy range (44 eV-1650 eV) with tunable light polarization for multi-technique investigation of the electronic, chemical, structural, magnetic and dynamical properties of materials.


BEAR is part of a joint research unit - SEAL (Scattering Emission Absorption Lab) dedicated to optical and electronic properties of surfaces, interfaces and thin films.

Gas Phase

The Gas Phase is operated by a Research Team (Sincrotrone Trieste+CNR-IOM&ISM), and is the only beamline at Elettra specifically devoted to research on gaseous systems.


The research group is dedicated to the investigation of electronic and vibrational properties of Quantum Materials.


The MBE lab is a facility for epitaxial growth of layers and nanostructures based on III-V, II-VI and V-VI compounds


SPRINT is an High Harmonics Generation laboratory for spin and time resolved photoemission spectroscopy


We use Brillouin and Raman micro-spectroscopy to study functions and eventually dysfunctions of biological cells and tissues.


Linea Italiana per la Spettroscopia d'Assorbimento - is a beamline operative at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility that is dedicated to X-ray absorption spectroscopy