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IOM Headquarters
Research affiliated member
Associato con incarico di ricerca
professor of Physics at Trieste University.
- February 2010 – February 2018 Director CNR-IOM Institute
- October 2009 – February -2010 Director of National TASC Laboratory INFM
- During the period 1988 – 1998 research at Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG Berlin in collaboration with prof. G. Ertl.
- September 2006 - June 2007 Visiting scientist at Columbia University New York USA

Academic and other activities:
- Since November 2019 Coordinator of the PhD course in Nanotechnology University of Trieste
- October 2014 –June 2017 member of Board of Directors of Sincrotrone Trieste Company
- Since 2017 member of the Scientific Council of ILL the European neutron source
- Member of the Executive committee of the Italian Academy at Columbia University.

Project coordination:
National and local coordinator PRIN (COFIN) projects, 2000-2010 Scientific coordinator of the Aloisa project INFM, Responsible of European Interreg Project for the Italian – Slovenian
International Project Italy – USA collaboration “Nanoscience for energy: a joint Italy-US laboratory”

My research work concerns mainly with the experimental study of solid surfaces, thin films, 2D materials and the dynamics of charge transfer processes by using electron, X-ray and neutral atom scattering.

I published more than 160 papers on international refereed journals. H-factor: ISI 37, Scopus 37 Google Scholar 43 Total citations: ISI > 4900 Google Scholar > 6200